About me

I am a Senior Year Undergraduate at BITS Pilani Goa Campus and am pursuing a Computer Science major. My research focuses on Natural Language Processing, Adversarial Machine Learning, Speech Processing, and Cognitive Neuroscience.

I am a Data Science Intern at CommerceIQ where I will be working on advertisement optimization on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

I am currently a research intern at MIDAS Labs. I am working with automatic text scoring systems, and investigating effects of morphology on Transformers and biases in machine learning, alongside pursuing my research on Indian languages with the CS Department, BITS Goa where I am also a traching assistant for the course CS F429: Natural Language Processing. Previously I was a data science intern at MySmartPrice and worked on rule-based recommendation engines.

I have been the events and initiatives head at CTE, Lead LRG, and am also interested in competitive programming, web development, and playing casual chess.


  • Aug 2021 - I will be a teaching assistant for the course CS F429: Natural Language Processing.
  • July 2021 - I will be joining CommerceIQ as a data science intern.
  • December 2020 - I will be joining AXON as a core member.
  • Aug 2020 - My paper on News Propaganda detection will be in the SemEval 2020 Proceedings held along with COLING 2020 Spain in December.
  • Aug 2020 - I will be the lead and head of duties at LRG
  • June 2020 - Completed my Data Science summer internship at MySmartPrice.
  • June 2020 - I delivered a talk on research in Computer Science, organized by IEEE, BITS Pilani. Recording.
  • June 2020 - My first paper got accepted for publication at SemEval 2020 - Link to Paper
  • May 2020 - I will be working at MIDAS as a remote intern under Dr. Rajiv Shah’s guidance.