About me

I am an ML Research Associate at Adobe. Previously, I was a Computer Science undergraduate student at BITS Pilani, Goa with a minor in Data Science. My research involves Causal Modelling, NLP, Cognitive Neuroscience, Psycholinguistics, Marketing, and Advertising.

At Adobe, my work revolves around modelling consumer, marketer, interactions, and the underlying behaviour. I completed my undergraduate thesis on modelling mammal-inspired semantic memories in continual learning systems, under Prof. Tirtharaj Dash and Veeky Baths at APPCAIR and iBrain.

Previously, I was a data scientist (Intern) at CommerceIQ where I worked on advertisement optimization on e-commerce platforms and received the Q4 award (Digital Shelf Enablers) for working on “Digital Shelves”. I have been a research intern at MIDAS Labs where I worked on automatic text scoring systems, and Adversarial NLP.

While at BITS, I had the opportunity of working with the CS Department, BITS Goa where I was also a teaching assistant. I have been a part of CTE, SAiDL, and LRG. I love to play casual chess as well!


Work Experience

  • Adobe MDSR Labs Machine Learning Research Associate
    Adobe MDSR Labs
    Jan 2022 -, Noida

    I will be a part of the Digital Experience team at Adobe research, previously I was working on content optimisation as a research Intern.

  • APPCAIR Thesis
    Jan - Aug 2022, Goa

    pursuing my thesis on Commonsense reasoning at APPCAIR, advised by Prof. Tirtharaj Dash and Prof. Ashwin Srinivasan

  • CommerceIQ Data Scientist
    July 2021 - Jan 2022, Bangalore

    Worked on advertisement optimization on e-commerce platforms and recieved the Q4 award (Digital Shelf Enamblers) for working on “Digital Shelves”.

  • MIDAS Labs Research Intern
    MIDAS Labs
    May 2020 - Jan 2022, Delhi

    Worked on several NLP Projects in fields like AES, Adversarial Robustness, Linguistics check my work MINIMAL and Overstability and Oversensitivity in AES Systems!

  • MySmartPrice Web Technologies SDE
    MySmartPrice Web Technologies
    May - July 2020

    Rule based recommnedation systems and Web Crawling.